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Growing up, going to college was an opportunity to be able to study what I wanted in a more focused way. I was very passionate and am still very passionate about political science, which is now my major. A lot of my frustrations with K- 12 learning is that there is not much choice for students in terms of choosing their academic path. In college, I was excited to be able to choose my classes and get into the study of political science.

Although college can be extremely difficult, a good amount of it has been enjoyable. Having support from uAspire has helped me feel a lot less anxious throughout my college journey.

Last year, when the semester ended, I didn’t have a way to move back to Boston. All of my plans fell through for various reasons, and I didn't know what to do. I thought I was going to be stuck at school in New York. I reached out to my advisor, who informed me about the emergency aid available through uAspire to students facing unexpected financial challenges. My advisor was able to help me secure the funds to help me move and transport all my belongings back to Boston. That is something I'll never forget, and I am just so appreciative.
"uAspire has been extremely gracious, caring, and generous. I hope that many students in the future have the opportunity to have a uAspire advisor."

My mother is no longer with me, but I know that she wanted me to go to college and I am proud to do it. Five years from now, I see myself, if not running for public office, then working in a public office, either as a legislative assistant, legislative director, or somewhere close. I'm currently studying American politics and political theory, and I know just by the society that we live in that getting a degree from Columbia University is going to open more doors for me than it would the average person, which isn't okay in and of itself. But that's reality, and I think with a degree, my work ethic, and my brain I can do it all.