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Student Advising

We support students to access financial aid and navigate postsecondary systems.


Core Advising Programs

Whether we're providing in-person support, text advising, emergency aid, or online events and tools, uAspire is committed to meeting our students where they are to access postsecondary education so they can live the life they envision for themselves.

Afford Program

Students in the Afford Program receive robust, individualized support in their high schools and over text messaging to apply for financial aid, make financially informed college decisions, and successfully enroll.

uAspire advisors supplement high school counselors and other community-based organizations who depend on uAspire to help with the financial issues related to college.

Grade 12

  • Identify financially safer college options
  • Complete financial aid applications
  • Review Student Aid Report
  • Complete verification
  • Review and compare financial aid offers
  • Appeal financial aid due to income or circumstance changes


  • Finalize enrollment decision
  • Manage loans
  • Access on-campus resources
  • Pay first-semester tuition bill
  • Estimate indirect expenses

Succeed Program

Students continue to work with an advisor in our Succeed Program to secure financial aid and manage college costs to persist and ultimately complete their degrees.

Through scholarships and emergency aid we provide students with funds to cover tuition bills and unexpected expenses.

College Years 1-4

  • Cover tuition and fees each term
  • Have a plan to cover indirect expenses
  • Renew financial aid applications
  • Complete verification
  • Manage student loans
  • Understand Satisfactory Academic Progress and complete appeals
  • Plan for summer classes, transferring, and graduation


"Working with my advisor gives me relief to know somebody is helping me and that I have someone to go to with questions."

College Affordability Advisors

A unique combination of educator, coach, and advocate, uAspire advisors offer hope and encouragement as they support students to navigate systems that, despite a mission to the contrary, often hinder their success. Advisors’ financial aid expertise is matched by their ability to connect with students and build trust, whether face-to-face or miles apart over text-message. 

Our Advisors

Madhura Sengupta
Madhura Sengupta

College Affordability Advisor

Andrea Brito
Andrea Brito

Regional Advising Manager

Molly Gilligan
Molly Gilligan

Senior Manager of Curriculum Design

Silmady Peralta
Silmady Peralta

Regional Advising Manager NYC


"It's cool to watch students overcome their doubts and obstacles to thrive in college. This is why we're here – to guide and support students on their unique journeys toward success."

Customized Student Support

In addition to our Core Advising, uAspire partners with education institutions, systems, and districts to strengthen student support and bolster staff capacity with targeted interventions.

Different virtual engagement options–help desks, Zoom advising meetings, and virtual events–deliver expert, individualized guidance so students and families can apply for financial aid, make financially informed college decisions, and successfully enroll in a postsecondary pathway.

Customized Support

"This is a perfect match. My financial aid staff and uAspire‘s team are working together fluidly, and we are seeing the results in completed FAFSAs.”

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