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Erica Rose

Erica Rose

Vice President of Advising

As Vice President of Advising, Erica oversees program implementation across uAspire's high school and postsecondary programs across all regions (MA, CA, NY), while setting the vision for advising for the future and supporting a large team of managers and advisors to do their best work. Erica has been with uAspire since 2009, where she not only advised students but helped grow programming for uAspire outside of Boston for the first time. Since then Erica has helped uAspire grow geographically and programmatically through expansion of new advising programs and regions.

Erica has more than 12 years of experience in managing people and teams across geographies, expanding organizational impact and programs, leading new initiatives to support students and families, and cultivating relationships with key stakeholders and partners. Erica is a graduate of Westfield Statue University with an MA in Psychology and School Counseling and holds many volunteer leadership roles in the education and non-profit sector in her local community.

Why uAspire?

As a first-generation college graduate, I personally understand the challenge of wanting to pursue higher education while also grasping the uncertainty of not knowing how to navigate the systems or how to pay for the degree. On a personal note, social justice is at the core of what I do. My passion lies in uncovering and understanding the root cause of inequities and facilitating change for those who are underserved and consistently reflecting on my role, power, and privilege as a leader within a nonprofit environment built on white supremacy culture. It is this passion that has led me to mission-centered work and allows me to deliver impact and results with a focus on equity and transparency.