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Selected for Verification? Tips to Help You Complete the Process

March 1, 2024
By Brendan Williams

Selected for Verification? Tips to Help You Complete the Process

Verification is a normal part of the financial aid process that millions of students get selected for each year. If you’re selected, the colleges you’ve applied to will ask you to submit additional forms and documents so they can double-check the info you reported on your FAFSA. 

A good way to think about it is that colleges are just making sure all the information is correct so you receive the right amount of financial aid. If selected, you must complete the verification process to receive your financial aid. Let's review a few tips to ensure you are ready for verification.

Review your FAFSA Submission Summary

By reviewing your FAFSA Submission Summary, you can see if the FAFSA has selected you for verification. If you see an asterisk next to your Student Aid Index (SAI), you will get verification requests from colleges. You can also see if you’ve been selected for verification under the “Next Steps” tab. Check out Federal Student Aid for more information about the FAFSA Submission Summary.

Gather important documents

Many students must submit tax transcripts or copies of tax returns and W-2's during the verification process. If you have either of these, it can be helpful to have copies of these documents and use this guide to track which documents colleges have requested.

Some students may need to provide proof of citizenship. Make sure you understand which documents are being asked for and make copies. Do NOT send any original documents.

Respond promptly

Colleges may send verification requests via portal or email. Make sure you check both consistently and keep an eye out for these requests.

Most colleges won't provide a financial aid offer until you have completed the verification process, so responding quickly with the requested information is essential. You don't want to choose a college without knowing the final cost!

Call the college

If you are asked to complete the verification process but are unsure about a request, you should call the college. They will know exactly what they need to ensure you meet the requirements. Calling the college can be intimidating, but remember, the financial aid office is here to help!

Verification can sometimes be frustrating but is an essential step in the financial aid process to ensure you receive the financial aid you deserve. Remember, verification is a normal part of the process that millions of students need to complete every year. If you’re selected for verification and need support, check out uAspire's resources or contact