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Moses Z Henriquez

Moses Z Henriquez

College Affordability Advisor

Moses serves as a College Affordability Advisor in the Bay Area. He supports students and their families throughout the financial aid process and provides them with the best information possible so that they can make an informed decision regarding college affordability. Prior to joining uAspire, Moses worked as a private investigator at the Mintz Group. He also has three years of experience working as a college advisor with TRIO's Talent Search Program, Destination College Advising Corps and Early Academic Outreach Program (DCAC/EAOP). He graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in History and Anthropology.

Why uAspire?

I wanted to work with uAspire because I believe one of the hardest things of understanding college is the cost of it and how to go about paying for it. uAspire directly works with addressing that problem by having students and their families understand the different types of financial aid available and the avenues to attain it. Having previously been a part of a college access program throughout high school, I know the positive impact that it can have on students.