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Monè Alexander

Monè Alexander

College Affordability Advisor

Monè is a College Affordability Advisor for our New York Succeed Team. In her role, Monè supports college students, helping them navigate the financial aid process and major aspects of their transition to higher education. Her focus is on building relationships, fostering growth as well as confidence, so the student is left with the tools they need to succeed. Previously, as an undergraduate resident advisor, Monè acted as counselor and mentor to students at Hampshire College, where she worked doggedly to cultivate community and trust. Monè holds a degree in psychoanalysis, and African-American studies from Hampshire College.

Why uAspire?

Like so many of the students uAspire serves, I have a similar background as a low-income, first-generation student. I so often felt that I was pushing against the tides trying to lift myself out of my circumstance, but having access to knowledge and learning changed not only how I see myself, but how I interact with the world around me. Pursuing higher education is an opportunity that has historically been reserved for those of extreme privilege. Knowledge has been gate-kept by those who would deny a person the rights afforded to them as a human being and as a citizen of this country. Everyone, especially those who have been marginalized, othered, harassed, disenfranchised, and abandoned by unjust antiquated systems, deserve education and grace. I am so excited to be a part of this crucial work. I hope, if I accomplish anything in this role, that I leave students feeling empowered with the knowledge that there is much greatness in store, and access to higher education is just the beginning to their future enrichment.