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Megan Lehr

Megan Lehr

Consulting Coordinator

Megan Lehr is the consulting coordinator at uAspire, a role in which she works closely with many parts of the organization to write college affordability content and develop resources for financial aid virtual events. She collaborates with uAspire’s external partners on projects to strengthen their college access and success practices and reduce barriers to financial aid for students and families. Prior to working at uAspire, she was a student at the University of South Carolina. She received a Bachelor of the Arts in Anthropology and Global Studies and studied Spanish. While in college, she held multiple positions that have prepared her for this role. She worked as a peer leader and writing tutor for the Student Success Center at her university for three years where she helped students develop their writing skills. During her final semester, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the Carolina Center for Environmental Justice (CCEJ). In this role, she developed a comprehensive database of college-affiliated EJ centers that is currently being used to plan CCEJ and its research endeavors.

Why uAspire?

I chose uAspire because I have seen how college can change someone's life and never want anyone to be refused access to a college education because of finances. I want to help students see that they can achieve what they want and they don't have to do it alone.