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Leticia Reyes

Leticia Reyes

Project Director

Leticia is the Project Director for Customized Support. Her responsibilities involve delivering projects on college affordability via our flexible advising model. These projects are geared towards high school seniors and/or postsecondary students to help them navigate the financial aid process. Before uAspire Leticia had a background working with low-income families in healthcare and in education. She transitioned into working as a paralegal where she assisted attorneys in criminal, family and immigration law. After this role, she shifted into becoming a college advisor working with juniors and seniors at a high school in Brooklyn. In this role, she sound true joy which was helping students from the underrepresented communities with their post-secondary plans. Leticia graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City where she majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Human Services.

Why uAspire?

I knew college was my next step but I was uncertain on how to proceed as a first-generation student. College affordability is important to all students. While it was challenging to navigate the higher education system, I am glad I managed to overcome the ups and downs. To me, joining uAspire is about helping students believe they can succeed.