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Giovanni Germain

Giovanni Germain

Scholarship Administration Coordinator

Giovanni is the Scholarship Administration Coordinator where he works with the operations team to administer scholarships on behalf of third parties as well as our programs in house. Before assuming his current role, Giovanni worked as a college affordability advisor under the DESE program. Prior to his position at uAspire, he was a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a Bachelor of the Arts in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. Giovanni's prior experiences have thoroughly prepared him for this role. While in college, he worked for the admissions office as a Coordinator for Diversity Recruitment and Enrollment where he aided students in completing the FAFSA and navigating life on campus. Giovanni has also worked in several positions (Digital Media Academy, the LEAH Project, and Educating Boys of Color task force) as a mentor and teaching assistant for students of the high school and elementary age.

Why uAspire?

I chose to work at uAspire because I want to be able to support the next generation as much as I can. I know first hand the value of having an affordable education and believe that uAspire's work will give this opportunity to as many students as possible, regardless of their background