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Connie Castelan

Connie Castelan

Internal Operations Specialist

As the Internal Operations Specialist, Connie promotes efficiency across the organization in technology, finances, and operational support. As a first-generation college graduate, she fiercely advocates for educational equity, community resources, and upward mobility for students from underrepresented communities. Before joining uAspire, Connie worked across various college access and success organizations for over 12 years. She facilitated and supported curriculum and programming, site operations, community outreach, school partner engagement, higher education policy, scholar and familial resources, marketing and communications, non-profit finances, and human resources. Connie is a community college transfer student from East Los Angeles College, obtaining an Associate of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Afterward, she transferred to California State University, Los Angeles, and received a dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, minoring in Law & Society and Inequalities and Diversity. Presently, she is working towards a Master of Science at the University of La Verne in Educational Counseling, concentrating on Social Justice Higher Education, along with a PPS credential.

Why uAspire?

Given my experience navigating postsecondary education, I aim to bring clarity, empathy, and hope to scholars unsure of their path forward. uAspire not only carries the knowledge and guidance scholars need but provides expertise to staff, partners, community stakeholders, and legislators. We strive to catalyze change in the educational system at every level, never forgetting its mission to make postsecondary education possible for all. It is a great honor and privilege for me to work alongside passionate change-makers who are dedicated to breaking down systemic barriers and mentoring the next generation of leaders.