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Camila Neira

Camila Neira

Manager of Information Systems

Camila Neira is the Manager of Information Systems. In this role, she works alongside the Senior Manager of Virtual Systems and Infrastructure to maintain the current systems in place, assuring a smooth and effective environment for uAspire staff. Prior to this role, Camila was a College Affordability Advisor where she supported over 900 students with financial aid applications and various other tasks related to college, trade school, and job readiness. Camila received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies from Florida International University after attaining her AA at Miami Dade Community College.

Why uAspire?

As a first-gen English learner, I lived through the complexities of navigating the financial aid process and the complexities of keeping it on my own. I came to uAspire to support students like me that got lost in the process. I choose to stay at uAspire because I believe in the mission and continue to see the fruit of our labor with student success stories!