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Amanda Rosario

Amanda Rosario

College Affordability Advisor

Amanda is a College Affordability Advisor supporting High School Seniors at Malden High, Brighton High, and Boston International High School. She supports students and families to navigate the financial aid process and make decisions around affordable college pathways. Amanda is a graduate of Suffolk University where she majored in International Relations. After graduating, Amanda served in the AmeriCorps New American Integration Program where she taught Citizenship classes and supported adult ESOL classes. Amanda served as a Learning Specialist Teaching Fellow at Excel Academy in Boston, providing extra support as needed to make learning more accessible for the students she worked closely with.

Why uAspire?

I believe that post-secondary should be accessible to all who want to attend. By working with students who just as lost navigating the financial aid process as I was as a first generation college student I hope I can make the experience a bit easier for the students we serve.