Leticia Reyes

College Affordability Advisor

Leticia is a college affordability advisor who supports students throughout their college affordability questions and concerns. She guides students to successfully complete their degree, and serves as a source of help for students going through their college experience. Prior to working at uAspire Leticia had a background working with low income families in healthcare and in education. She transitioned into working as a paralegal where she assisted attorneys in criminal, family and immigration law. After this role she shifted into becoming a college advisor working with juniors and seniors at a High-School in Brooklyn. In this role, she helped students of the underrepresented communities apply and go to college. Leticia found true joy assisting students achieve greater success by continuing their education and attending college. Leticia graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she Majored in Criminal Justice and Minor in Human Services.

Why uAspire?

I knew college was my next step but I was uncertain on how to proceed. With time, I gradually learned. College affordability is extremely important to all students, especially those who are a part of underrepresented communities. Students are often misinformed and unfortunately end up passing on opportunities because they believe they cannot afford college. Being able to advise students is a very rewarding experience.