Jonathan Lewis
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Jonathan Lewis

Senior Director of Succeed

Jonathan serves as the Senior Director of Succeed at uAspire. In this role, he oversees the codification of the Succeed program in Massachusetts and its expansion to the Bay Area. Prior to this role, Jonathan was a full-time doctoral student in higher education at Boston College, conducting research on college access, student success, and undergraduates’ use of technology and social media. Since 2002, he has served in a variety of administrative roles within academic and student affairs departments at small colleges in Boston and large universities in Chicago. In 2017, Jonathan earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education at Boston College, where he currently holds a visiting scholar appointment in the Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education. Previously, Jonathan earned his Master of Science in Higher Education and Bachelor of Science in Theatre at Northwestern University.

Why uAspire?

I believe that higher education is both a public and a private good. As students and families bear an increasing share of the costs of college, they need experienced guides to ensure that post-secondary opportunities remain both attainable and affordable. Effective advising was pivotal for me in accessing and completing a bachelor’s degree with manageable debt, and I aim in my work to provide this support for today’s college students.