Janeira Forté
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Janeira Forté

Chief Impact Officer

Janeira is the Senior Director of Program Partnerships at uAspire, where she is responsible for ensuring that our newest programmatic models are structured and delivered with quality. Janeira manages the NYC advising team as well as the Training and Technical Assistance team. She plays a critical role in overseeing and cultivating partnerships across the country. Janeira serves as the primary liaison between partners, program design, and operations staff.
Janeira has over 20 years of experience as a leader in the nonprofit sector. Prior to joining uAspire, she served as the Executive Director of a behavior-based, drug prevention and leadership training organization for adolescents. Janeira is also committed to promoting equity. Through her volunteer work, she helped to form the very first diversity committee at a local school. She has dedicated her life to the social-emotional well-being of young people and now continues to advocate for their needs through uAspire. Janeira earned both her BA in Behavioral Science and MS in Business Leadership from Concordia College, graduating summa cum laude.

Why uAspire?

Being a first-generation college graduate, I personally understand the circumstances of families who may lack the necessary tools, resources, or knowledge to find affordable pathways to postsecondary education. uAspire is impacting the lives of students who desire to pursue higher education through its three prong approach of training, advising, and policy work to increase equity while pushing toward systemic change.