Brendan Williams
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Brendan Williams

Senior Director of Consulting

Brendan is the Senior Director of Consulting at uAspire. In this role, he works with external partners to strengthen their college access and success practices, promote systems change, and reduce barriers for students and families. Additionally, he serves as a content expert working to develop and strengthen uAspire’s college affordability content and expertise by developing tools and resources. Over his tenure at uAspire, he has worked as a financial aid advisor, working directly with students in the Boston public schools and as an external trainer, training practitioners at organizations across the country. Previously, Brendan was a tutor at City on a Hill Charter Schools. Brendan received his Master of Science Degree in Public Affairs from UMASS Boston and his BA in economics and psychology from SUNY Binghamton.

Why uAspire?

I choose to work at uAspire because I believe every student needs to be aware of the financial aid process, costs of college, and debt implications of their college decision. Through the education of students, training of practitioners, and most importantly, leveraging our experiences to help reduce systemic barriers at the higher ed, state, and federal level - we can make a college education and the benefits that come with it more accessible.