Finances are the #1 barrier to a college degree. Even if students have the grades to succeed, it matters little when they don’t have the finances to attend.

uAspire (formerly known as ACCESS) provides a critical service. We help students develop the financial plan to get into college, and to afford their education once enrolled. Financial aid is out there – more than $168 billion is available ever year. But low-income and first-generation students often do not know where to turn to get it. The financial aid process is complex. Finding the right tax form or completing a section of the FAFSA accurately is hard enough. But when faced with the expense of college, coupled with the many pressures that our students need to overcome, making the dream of a college education can seem impossible.

uAspire provides clarity, hope, and action to students who may otherwise not have it. Our singular focus is on college affordability – making college affordable for all young people who will strive for it. We believe that education is a right for all students – and we break down financial barriers for any student, no matter which path to college they choose to take.

My parents are thrilled that I’m going to school, but they had no idea how to do any of this—they trusted that I could handle it, and so I was pretty much on my own with the college process until I connected with [uAspire]. I’m so glad I had someone to help me out.” Loan Ly, Student, Early College High School

Every dollar you invest in uAspire’s high school advising yields more than just an extra dollar for a student’s education. By investing in our program, your support unlocks an extra $62 in financial aid for students. Your support allows uAspire to make a meaningful impact in a student’s life – to make college an affordable reality.

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