Michelle Murphy

Director of Virtual Student Support

Michelle is the Director of Virtual Student Support. In this role, she manages uAspire’s new and innovative initiative to scale virtual support and advising on college application and financial aid processes to students nationwide. Before coming to uAspire, she was the Senior Manager of Program Facilitation at FUEL Education, where she managed instructional materials and trained program staff on engaging parents in planning and saving for college. Her professional background and training are in school counseling, and she has worked as a middle school and Upward Bound counselor in her home state of Florida. She earned her Master’s and Specialist’s degrees in Education from the University of Florida, and her BA in Spanish and BS in Psychology from UF as well.

Why uAspire?

The issue of college affordability is close to my heart: it is simply unjust that a deserving, capable high school student should have to forgo a college education because s/he can’t afford it. uAspire has a laser focus on giving students the caring and knowledgeable support they need to make the best possible decisions about college. As an educator and first generation college student myself, it’s the most fulfilling kind of work.