Why uAspire? Part 5

By: Sewheat Haile | Thursday, July 28, 2016



Adam Reinke
Deputy Director of Massachusetts
11 years at uAspire

As the new Deputy Director of Massachusetts I’m excited to use my many years of programmatic experience to develop and nurture partnerships with key constituencies like funders, government officials, and school district leaders. I want to share stories of both struggle and triumph so that community leaders see uAspire as a life-changing investment for young people and their families.

I use the word privilege on purpose when I describe working at uAspire, because it is just that. I started working here in the summer of 2005 because I wanted to help young people get to college. While that same passion remains, the number of reasons I have stayed for so long is endless. In addition to the mission of uAspire, the dozens of talented, smart, funny, and driven people I get to work with every day makes this organization so special. I come to work every day knowing it will be challenging and rewarding, but also that I have a team of colleagues supporting and encouraging me to do my very best.



Sarah Crooker
Director of Development Operations and Strategy
2 years at uAspire

I support our fundraising team, building systems that support our growth and keeping everyone on track in a fast-moving environment. I also work with many of our institutional supporters, writing grants and maintaining relationships with foundations and companies who believe in making an affordable path to and through college.

One of my favorite things about working at uAspire is being part of a growing organization. It’s exciting to see our impact on students grow and to be part of building the infrastructure of the organization. I feel like I learn something new every day and can directly see my role in shaping uAspire. I also have great coworkers who bring so many interesting experiences and perspectives, as well as a lot of fun!