Why uAspire? Part 2

By: Sewheat Haile | Monday, June 20, 2016


Katelyn Montalvo
College Affordability Advisor with the Afford Program
1 year at uAspire

At uAspire I work with three very different high schools. I meet one on one with students to discuss what they plan on doing after graduation and how I can better assist them through the financial aid process. We fill out financial aid forms together, submit any verification materials and then review financial aid award letters together to make sure they know what they owe!

I enjoy working at uAspire because I love working with Boston Public High School students. I have made wonderful relationships with the seniors at Excel, O’Bryant and Boston Day and Evening and I’m super proud of all of them. Being able to support seniors has been a great reward but also a challenge. I’ve learned a lot this year about financial aid but also about how to better support students through their college process.


Caroline DeLeon
Program Director for Boston
2.5 years at uAspire

As Program Director I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the Afford program and College Affordability Advising team for the site. This includes supporting and coaching team members so that they feel prepared and informed when advising students and families throughout the year in addition to communicating with school partners and engaging with community partners. We work together to make sure we are delivering on our commitment and be pro-active as needed.

Serving in this role is my second time working with uAspire which makes me unique among other staff members. I served as a Financial Aid Advisor between 2007 and 2009 and returned as a Program Director in 2015. Having this experience has be really cool because I am in many ways a different person and professional since my first time around, but in many ways feel like no time has gone by since I left. I love working with uAspire because I know that my thoughts and creative qualities are encouraged and that I have a huge amount of support from leadership and colleagues to continue developing by opening doors that connect to my interests and professional goals. It has also been really great to apply my knowledge as a past Advisor to now help guide my team and not to mention, it is so awesome to now work with Advisor’s who were once served by uAspire. Full circle!


Sage Ruth
Director of Operations
10 months at uAspire

My job is focused on running the business operations and building the infrastructure that uAspire and our staff need to advance our mission. Our three-person Finance & Operations team handles everything from finance and accounting to IT, facilities, Human Resources, and legal and compliance. I’ve built my career in non-profit operations and management because I love being in a role where I get to use my enthusiasm for systems, processes, and details to support amazing co-workers in everything they do to further a mission I believe in.

I found my job at uAspire through an extensive job hunt that focused on finding a mission-driven organization with a great culture and an open operations position. I couldn’t have gotten more lucky finding all three at uAspire. My favorite thing about uAspire is the incredible staff I get to work with every day – they are the most passionate, collaborative, high-achieving, humble, funny, and talented group of people, who never take their focus off of the students, families, and practitioners we serve. uAspire’s is a place with incredibly high standards where everyone is also constantly asking how we can change and grow to do our work better, and a place that places such emphasis on staff growth and development. It makes me want to bring my very best to work every day to help maintain and strengthen the organizational structures that support this culture as we grow in size and impact.

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