Why uAspire? Part 1

By: Sewheat Haile | Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Maddie, Bethany, and JR



Maddie Ruth
College Affordability Advisor with the Succeed Program
7 months at uAspire

As an advisor with the Succeed program, I support current college students as they reapply for financial aid, work to maintain good academic standing, and make decisions about how to pay for college and living expenses. Using an online platform, I send text messages to students’ phones to remind them about important deadlines, make sure they know where to find critical information and resources pertinent to them, and trouble-shoot when they face obstacles (be them financial, academic, or personal) that pose a threat to graduating on time with minimal student loan debt. Whenever students are able, I also meet with them in person to fill out financial forms, make plans for paying their bills, and address any questions or concerns that they have.

What do I like best about working at uAspire? Without a doubt, it’s the people I work with and work to serve. My coworkers are passionate, innovative, highly knowledgeable, and bring an energy that constantly motivates me to better serve the students I work with. The students who I interact with daily show an impressive willingness to juggle school, jobs, social responsibilities, and more. Even when faced with confounding policies, overwhelming financial decisions, and obstacles beyond their control, our students can be so resilient and humorous, which makes it natural to want to help them in any way possible to accomplish their goals!


Bethany Adam
College Affordability Advisor with the Afford Program
1 year at uAspire

I work in three different high schools supporting seniors and their families as they navigate the financial aid process. My job includes anything from talking about financial safety schools, to filling out FAFSAs with students, and comparing award letters in an effort to help scholars and their families make informed decisions about college.

There are several things that I love about working at uAspire. Having the opportunity to work with seniors in high school and join them on their journey through the financial aid process is incredibly fulfilling, humbling, and inspiring. It is important to me to work for an organization that focuses on representing all different students and is committed to helping them find an affordable path through college regardless of any obstacles that may present themselves. Besides having a clear and concise mission that impacts tens of thousands of people every year, uAspire provides an amazing work environment where I feel supported to grow professionally as well as in my personal life. The office is filled with kind, hilarious, genuine, and intelligent coworkers who make coming to the office an absolute pleasure!




JR Mahung
College Affordability Advisor with the Afford Program
1 year at uAspire

I work primarily with high school seniors to help them through the financial aid process which includes applying for aid through the FAFSA and searching for scholarships. I also advise students around college cost decisions.

What originally drew me to uAspire was the ability to partner with staff in Boston Public High Schools to work towards greater equity around college access for students of color. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to lead in the work place as a member of uAspire’s Culture and Values Team, a group that pushes for further representation and inclusion in our workplace and in our practice with students. Additionally, working school hours gives me an earlier day where I can engage in helping organize youth poetry slams and run writing workshops after the workday.

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