Meet Megan Rogers and Lily Grant!

By: Chris Loney | Friday, August 8, 2014


Every summer since I began working in high school, I have worked in the for-profit sector. I was ready for a change and wanted to learn about the not-for-profit industry. As a rising senior at Williams College I felt it was important for me to experience as many different types of internships as possible before buckling down and looking for a full-time job after graduation. uAspire was the perfect option for me. I was very excited to jump into a not-for-profit company with a mission I truly believe in.

I do not think any college student or graduate forgets how hard the college search and application process was. After going through it myself, almost 5 years ago, I wanted to be a part of uAspire’s mission to help make this entire process more attainable for high school students, and more specifically low-income students.

Through a few uAspire workshops and presentations, I was surprised to see how many high school students are unfamiliar with the application process, the cost of college and the options available to them. It is hard to watch students think that they will not be able to attend college because it isn’t affordable for their family; this thought comes from the lack of knowledge surrounding financial options available to many, if not all, low-income students.





As the other Development Intern from Williams College, Megan and I have worked together with Kristin Ouellette, Gaby King Morse, Wally DeGuglielmo, and Liz Ahern on a variety of different projects.  The beauty of working in a non profit is that we were able to work in fields beyond just Development: throughout the summer, our projects included uAspire First One preparation and presentation, in-depth research on prospective donors, data entry through Salesforce, preparation for uAspire’s company-wide retreat called Institute, and more!  We were even able to collaborate on a project with the other fabulous interns.   As our final week comes to an end, we will miss the encouraging work atmosphere and the inspiring staff here at uAspire.  Thank you to everyone for contributing this great learning experience and a successful summer at uAspire!


uAspire First-Gen. Employee Interview:

Chris Loney

(Senior Manager, Office of the President)

chris loney website photo

 Q: How does being a first generation college student inspire you and drive your work here at uAspire?

Being a first generation college student has everything to do with why Chris is passionate about this work in the first place. He understands the challenges and struggles students, he works for, go through everyday. “It is a foundational understanding and gives me motivation to continue to do this type of work.”

 Q: Do you see any changes in the college landscape between the time when you were a first-generation student and current first-generation students?

Every year college is becoming more and more expensive. Students are graduating with increasing amounts of debt and it is dramatic. While the costs are increasing, the support and aid from the federal government has stayed steady; the gap is widening.

 Q: Regarding growth here at uAspire, what are you most excited for in the coming years?

There’s so much! T/TA just finished its first year and it has been really exciting to see the impact we can have. I think it is going to be incredibly exciting as we move into our second year to see what we do with our continuing partners and new partners that come on board.”

What Chris Wishes He Knew on His First Day of College:

Realizing that life is unpredictable and it can go in so many ways. “It is scary because you can’t plan out everything but it is also incredibly exciting. You are letting go of the control and willing to take risks; it is kind of what life is all about.”