uAspire First One Mo Cowan Appointed to U.S. Senate

By: Bob Giannino | Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick named former chief of staff William “Mo” Cowan as interim United States Senator for Massachusetts. Mo, a uAspire First One Award Winner from the Class of 2011, will be serving in the seat held by John Kerry from now until a special election in June.

Mo’s story shows how the power of education can propel individuals into lives of endless possibility. For Mo, he grew up with the expectation that he would go to college. Even after the death of his father while in high school, Mo remained motivated towards reaching his goal of a college education. Mo would go on to become the first in his family to attend college, eventually graduating from Duke.

uAspire is incredibly proud of Mo and the impact he has had throughout his career. We congratulate him and wish him the best as he represents Massachusetts in the Senate.

Beyond just their service to the Commonwealth, Mo Cowan and Governor Patrick share another thing in common Рbeing a uAspire First One Award Winner. uAspire celebrates first-generation college graduates like Mo who are leaders in their field and who give back to their communities. uAspire First Ones highlight the transformative power of college Рand how critical it is to ensure that higher education remains affordable for all young people.

We are eager to honor our winners this year at the uAspire First One Awards on Thursday, February 28. Visit for more information.

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