uAspire Begins Advising in Fall River

By: Chris Loney | Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bobby Fall Rivers FAFSA

FALL RIVER, MA – uAspire began offering its college affordability advising in Fall River last month. This is the fourth community in Massachusetts where uAspire is providing our in-school financial aid advising to college-aspiring students and their families.

uAspire will serve up to 400 high school seniors this year who are attending BMC Durfee High School. Students will get help with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – also known as the FAFSA. This is the form that helps unlock financial aid for students, including scholarships and grants. Because the form is so complex, many students fail to complete it – in effect, turning away from aid that can help them afford college.

Students will also be able to turn to uAspire to learn about affordable college options, review financial aid award letters, and research scholarships.

“College affordability is an issue that many students and their families face, all across Massachusetts,” said Gabrielle King Morse, uAspire Massachusetts Executive Director. “And the cost of college continues to rise. This can push students out of college altogether – students who would otherwise thrive and benefit enormously from a college education.”

uAspire has partnered with the Fall River School District and several companies, including BayCoast Bank, to support advising at Durfee High School. “The Fall River community has risen to the challenge we face in helping our youth have an affordable pathway to a college degree,” said King Morse. “We are honored to partner with school and community leaders to change the game for college-aspiring youth in Fall River.”

Bobby Bailey will be at Durfee High School four days a week (Tuesday – Friday 8:00AM to 2:30PM), through the end of June, to answer students’ college financial aid questions. Originally from Fall River, Bobby earned his degree from Rhode Island College. He joined uAspire because he is passionate about providing students with the resources they need in order to graduate from college, regardless of income or background.

In his first weeks at Durfee, Bobby has already met with more than 80 high school seniors. “Most students believe their dream of receiving a post-secondary education is hindered due to lack of finances,” said Bobby. “It’s amazing when you can sit down with a student and provide them with the insight needed to achieve their goal of attending college at an affordable rate.”

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