Summer Outreach Can Help Low-Income College Freshmen

By: Chris Loney | Friday, May 10, 2013

uAspire was cited in two new papers about how students who receive services in the summer following high school are positively impacted once they reach college. The papers suggest that, because of the many tasks that need to take place between high school graduation and the first semester of college, low-income and first-generation students often may not know how to take care of these important responsibilities. Intervention – through one-on-one meetings and text messaging – can help close this gap for students.

These papers show:

  • 83% of students who met with an advisor during the summer enrolled in college, compared to 79% of students who didn’t – persistence into spring semester was also greater (80% of students who met with an advisor, vs. 75% who didn’t)
  • Students in Lawrence and Springfield who received text messages from uAspire had a fall enrollment of 70%, compared to 63% enrollment for those who didn’t receive text messages

The full article can be found on Inside Higher Ed’s website.

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