Another Seed Planted

By: Chris Loney | Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Growth – one word that describes my co-op at uAspire.

Growth because uAspire has equipped me with the tools needed to prosper in the non-profit, working, and real world. It has taught me I am not merely another cog in the wheel, that my efforts can and do shine through. uAspire has strengthened my belief that doing something for the greater good provides enough riches to last a lifetime, and that without a doubt service guided by missions and values heavily outweighs monetary incentives. My time here has shown me that individuals can make a change, that you must initiate the action if the status quo does not satisfy you.

My experience working at uAspire has redefined the word ‘work’ to me. It no longer has to be painted with negative connotations; working can be fun, enjoyable, and productive. Work does not have to be mundane and static, it can be dynamic, meaningful, and incredibly fulfilling; it can be rewarded with smiles of those whose lives you have changed.

Growth because I will continue to learn. I will turn first experiences into strengths; identify my weaknesses and dilute them. I have a better understanding of my abilities and when to turn for support. I have reached a level of confidence I see is received in the eyes of my peers, coworkers, and superiors. I have encountered a plethora of situations in the real world, both good and bad, that I now have the poise and composure to approach and handle.

My time at uAspire has taught me that commitments to a cause do not expire – your dedication will pay off and your time will be worthwhile. uAspire will serve as my reminder that the importance of individual efforts run parallel with collaborative ones. Working together brings us together and giving back together fosters a greater sense of community.

Growth – because I have only began to sprout.


Derek Lin, Northeastern Co-op
Sociology Major