Back to Highschool(s)..

By: Chris Loney | Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Within five minutes of getting situated at my desk this morning Brendan, uAspire’s Manager of Network Resources, asked if I was available to cover for a student speaker at Josiah Quincy Upper School from 10:20-11:07am.

“Sure!” I blurted out before asking any questions—

A few moments later he explained that a presenter had backed out unexpectedly at the last second. On the walk over Brendan said that the presentation was a “10.3” workshop at Josiah Quincy for 10th graders, their last of the year which featured a student speaker.

Although I had gone through the student speaker training a month and a half ago I wasn’t too sure what to expect – I didn’t even know where the school was! I understood I was there to provide a current college student’s perspective so the 10th graders would have someone they could more easily relate to.

Brendan assured me he would do most of the talking and I would answer some of their questions here and there. When the presentation began everything just fell into place.

I shared my experience preparing for, applying to, and choosing the college that was right for me. My impromptu responses made me reminiscence upon my high school days when I navigated the financial aid and college application processes. I heard nervous laughter and sighs of relief when I admitted choosing the right college is hard and can be scary, not to mention actually going off to college.

The workshop helped me bring my co-op experience full circle as I was able to see the faces of high school students who were being served by uAspire.

I assured them it was natural to be a bit scared because it is, in fact, a daunting task for any high school student. I saw the smiles of students who appreciated my blunt honesty when answering questions regarding my financial situation, the right college fit for them, and how I landed at Northeastern.

It was a great, unexpected start to my day as there is an unrivaled joy in seeing the change you have made. I eagerly look forward to upcoming presentations in high schools around Boston!

Derek Lin, Northeastern Co-op
Sociology Major