uAspire First One Awards

The uAspire First One Awards are given to leaders in our communities who are first-generation college graduates. Spanning the business, government, education, and nonprofit sectors, uAspire First One Award Winners have made a meaningful impact on the lives of others. What brings uAspire First Ones together is their common experience as being part of the first generation of their families to earn a college degree. They represent the power of higher education to propel individuals and families out of poverty and toward lives of opportunity.

Young people today face many challenges in finding an affordable path to postsecondary education. Yet we – as a community, as a country – can’t afford to lose their talent and potential. By sharing the stories of influential “First Ones,” the uAspire First One Awards show how important it is that higher education remains an affordable option for all.

Get Involved

Save the Date for uAspire’s 2017 First One Awards on March 30, 2017.

Become part of the uAspire First One campaign! You can give in honor of our uAspire First Ones, so that future first-generation college students have a path to their degree. Or you can nominate someone for a uAspire First One Award. To learn more, contact Nikki White, Director of Special Events, at (617) 778-7195 x 115 or by e-mail at