What’s a Scholarship? And Why Is It important?

Scholarships equal free money for college! That means you don’t have to pay them back! Scholarships can come from a college or an outside group, like a business or not for profit organization. You can receive a scholarship for many different reasons, including for community involvement, leadership, academic achievement, volunteering, ethnicity, location and other talents. You can also qualify for a scholarship because you have a demonstrated “financial need.”

Scholarships may ask you to complete an application, write an essay, ask for an recommendation, complete a resume, send a transcript, show them your FAFSA summary, or more. While scholarships can be lots of work, your efforts can be worth it if you receive the free money to help pay for college. Make sure you spend time researching and applying for scholarships. Since college can be expensive, any scholarship you receive- no matter the amount- can help you cover the cost of college.

Scholarship Resources

You can learn more about scholarships in our Scholarship Toolkit. The Toolkit includes a Scholarship Planner to help you keep track of the requirements and deadlines of each scholarship. To download the Scholarship Toolkit, click here.

If you are a senior in one of the high schools we serve in, you could be eligible for the uAspire Last Dollar Scholarship.

Applying for a uAspire Last Dollar Scholarship

Upon completion of the college selection and financial aid review processes, Boston students with unmet financial need may apply for a uAspire Last Dollar Scholarship. This scholarship is based solely on financial need for students who have worked with a uAspire College Affordability Advisor, and range from $500 to $1,000 and are renewable for up to four years. For first time applicants, the uAspire Last Dollar Scholarship Application is made available to download online every year between April and June. Once awarded, the annual renewal application can be completed online between May and July. Students must meet with their uAspire Advisor to be eligible for this scholarship.

Click here to access the Last Dollar Scholarship Application

Last Dollar Scholarships – Reapplications

Students who have received a Last Dollar Scholarship in the past can reapply for another year of funding. These scholarships are need-based and help to bridge the remaining financial gap. The scholarship can be reapplied for each year that students remain in an undergraduate institution, for up to 4 years following their graduation from high school. However, these scholarships are not guaranteed.

Click here to access the Last Dollar Scholarship Reapplication