uAspire’s impact is felt in the thousands of young people we serve in Boston every year. During the 2012-13 school year, more than 2,500 Boston Public School seniors worked with uAspire to learn how to make their dreams of college affordable. From completing FAFSAs to working with college financial aid offices, we leveraged more than $66 million in aid for the Class of 2013. And when our students get to college, they stay in – 84% of uAspire’s low-income advisees re-enrolled in college for their second year, compared to 66% of college freshmen nationally, regardless of income.

But we also believe that preparing for college begins earlier than senior year. uAspire is partnering with a group of BPS schools to provide workshops to students between grades 9-11. Through our Early College Affordability Awareness Advising, uAspire provides grade-appropriate information that helps students believe that college can be affordable, as well as to know the steps they can take now to reach their goals. The result – more students know about the basics of financial aid, how to spot differences in types of aid, and the support that they can get in their schools from their uAspire Advisor.

uAspire brings nearly 30 years of expertise to college-ready students in Boston. In three decades of work, with more than 50,000 students and families served, uAspire’s true impact is still felt, every day, in the support we provide to Boston’s youth. When a student faces a $20,000 gap to fill to pay for a first year of college – and, through financial counseling, FAFSA support, and negotiations with colleges, can bring this gap close to $0 – the impact of uAspire is the opportunity made possible for a student to reach the goal of a college education.