Team uAspire Bio – Allyson Clancy

By: Chris Loney | Friday, April 18, 2014

Allyson ClancyBio

City & State: South Boston, MA

Occupation: Office Manager at CTP

I used to run as a conditioning component to my athletic endeavors. It wasn’t until I came to Boston to receive my undergraduate degree from Boston University that I realized just how essential running is to my life. I love being able to take myself to another level with each mile I run, while also having the ability to disengage the stress that come from living day-to-day. As stated before, I love Boston and this city consistently motivates me to take on a new challenge, choose a new course and explore more about my surroundings and myself. I feel that Boston is now my home, but I know this comfort would not be possible if I did not take the time to get to know my city on my daily runs. This opportunity would help me show my home just how much I appreciate everything it has done for me and be my personal thank you for the joy I’ve experienced. History was made last Marathon Monday that cannot be undone. I am just one of many who have, and will always be, Boston Strong.

Why I Am Running the 2014 Boston Marathon for Team uAspire?: It has been a dream to accomplish as great of a goal as [running a marathon]. When I came to Boston to get my degree at BU, I found myself taking longer runs along the many trails outlined in and
around the city. When I ran my first half marathon I felt that this dream might become true. Now, three years later, I am ready to take on this challenge. This marathon is a special event that captivated me when I was a freshman at BU and witnessed the runners coming down Beacon Street, just a few short miles from the finish line. I remained at that location ever since, and helped the many who were confounded, angry and distressed last year. After April 15, 2013, my love for this city and this event only grew stronger. I want to give back what I can to this city, and find that this is the perfect opportunity to share my fundraising success with an organization that deserves every donation.

College affordability can be the one obstacle that stops families and students from achieving a higher education, but it shouldn’t be. As a recent college graduate myself who went through financial stresses to go to and remain at college, I strongly believe in programs that uAspire established to help families who are in need of information that makes the college process easier. A student should not be limited by his or her financial circumstances to attain higher education, and uAspire provides the resources to help a student strive for what is truly important. I wholeheartedly support uAspire’s mission and values to make attending and affording a college or university a reality for all. Moreover, I would be honored to represent this organization while participating in the Boston Marathon.

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