Advisor Shout Out: Kristin Shapiro

By: Chris Loney | Friday, May 16, 2014

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing Advisor Shout Outs from students and staff of schools in which our advisors serve. These are quotes that highlight the amazing work our advisors carry out on a daily basis. Way to go!

I am amazed at Kristin’s ability to quickly grow relationships with students and families- they completely trust her because she is so responsive and good at what she does. Our alums now reach out to her for help before even contacting us…she’s that good. And, she’s helping me learn to knit.

She seems genuinely excited to be here each Wednesday to help our seniors with their financial aid forms, and she always has a big smile on her face. She is refreshing and a joy to have in our office.“

Kristin Shapiro works diligently with our students and families. She is flexible, compassionate and knows the financial aid process inside out. It’s no wonder she is so physically fit because she moves around so much at Cathedral High School tracking students down. Shout out for Ms. Shapiro!!


Kristin is awesome!!


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