Team uAspire Bio – Matt Giroux

By: Chris Loney | Friday, February 1, 2013


City & State: Lowell, MA

Occupation: Director of Sales, Jeannie’s Enterprises

Favorite Song to Listen to While Running: I typically do not listen to music as I run as I like to enjoy the beauty of the world around me and the company I am with!

Why I Am Running the 2013 Boston Marathon for Team uAspire: I am running for Team uAspire for many different reasons. 1) College affordability is a problem for most people in the world and it is great that uAspire is helping people not only go to college, but we coming up with a plan to help young adults come up with a financial plan in attending and graduating college. 2) Until I am able to qualify it is the only way I can get a number 3) The marathon coalition and the group training was a very big appeal for me.

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