Team uAspire Bio – Chris Parker

By: Chris Loney | Friday, February 1, 2013


City & State: Cambridge, MA

Occupation: Investment Consultant, Cambridge Associates

Favorite Song to Listen to While Running: You are going to laugh, but I listen to podcasts and books on tape while running. My favorite subjects are: politics, economics & finance, and food.

Why I Am Running the 2013 Boston Marathon for Team uAspire: Running a marathon is a personal goal. The funny thing is, while at first I thought it would be a one-time, bucket-list type of thing, I am really loving the running and sense of community, and I will probably do this again. But more importantly, I am thrilled to be supporting uAspire; I benefited from scholarships and grants for my college education, and I am glad for the opportunity to make that possible for others.

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