Jasmine Greene

By: Chris Loney | Thursday, September 13, 2012

Springfield Central High School, 2010

Temple University, 2014

Jasmine grew up with college as an expectation, but she didn’t really care much about school. That all changed when she was 11 years old. That’s when, soon after the birth of her sister, her family was evicted from their apartment. Facing a hardship like this, Jasmine knew that she wanted a better life for herself. She entered senior year of high school eager to go to college, but her biggest worry was figuring out how to afford it. Despite her mother’s stable job and her own part-time work, Jasmine still did not know how she could pay for college. Jasmine’s uAspire Advisor explained the many aspects of the financial aid process. Through her guidance, Jasmine learned more about scholarships and other resources available to make college affordable – an idea that seemed impossible before. Jasmine earned a spot at Temple University, and she hopes to be a role model for her younger sister to go to college.