Susanne Cameron – uAspire First One Awards Boston

By: Chris Loney | Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Susanne Cameron


Susanne Cameron is a graduate of Central Connecticut University and holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Tufts University, school of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. She currently works for Citi where she helps low- and moderate- income individuals attain financial stability.

While neither of Susanne’s parents went to college, they both expected her to go to college and graduate. A college degree, they said, meant a better job and good benefits.  They told her that she needed to do whatever necessary to make this expectation a reality.  They both grew up in working families, however, due to their own lack of experience with college, they were unable to offer her any guidance with regards to academics or extracurricular activities. While her parents had the best intentions, Susanne had to navigate the financial aid process alone as well, and worked throughout high school and college to pay her way.

During her first year at Eastern Connecticut University campus, away from home, Susanne struggled. Her parents then convinced her to transfer to Central Connecticut, a campus near home, and due to her academic success there, she decided to transfer to UMass Boston where she excelled in her studies. But, life in Boston didn’t pan out as expected, so Susanne had to return to Connecticut where she finished her studies.  Susanne worked part time throughout her undergraduate years in addition to attending school full time.  Shortly after graduation from Central Connecticut, Susanne held positions in mortgage banking at a small savings bank in Connecticut, starting as a processor and ending her time there as the manager of the mortgage department.  She then moved on to Fannie Mae, where she was named Deputy Director.

Susanne’s graduate degree from Tufts in Public Policy, with a concentration in Housing and Community Development, helped her to move on in her career and to understand more deeply the issues, challenges, barriers associated with poverty.   She became more closely aligned with Massachusetts issues in her position as Community Development Manager for TD Bank.  Now at Citi, she uses her knowledge to support homeownership, entrepreneurship, other asset building initiatives and financial stability for low- and moderate- income families and individuals in the Greater Boston area through her work with Boston area nonprofits.

Susanne serves on the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP), an organization that strives to prevent homelessness, foster economic self-sufficiency, and ensure housing stability for low-and moderate-income families and individuals, and is the current Chair of  the Massachusetts Community and Banking Council (MCBC), a statewide organization working to address positive change in the availability of credit and financial services for residents of Boston and Massachusetts, by working with banks and community organizations.

From March 2008 to June 2009, Susanne was appointed by Governor Patrick to serve on the Asset Development Commission, where she worked to ensure that all residents of the Commonwealth have the opportunity to experience financial stability, achieve financial independence, and contribute to civic participation and the economy. During her service, Susanne helped to organize the financial education subcommittee, now known as the Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative (MFEC), creating a plan to raise awareness, and to create a coordinated access system for consumers and financial education providers. The Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative continues its work, even after the Commission produced its final report, to focus on implementing the Commission’s recommendations on financial education and asset building initiatives, including the opening of the first ever centralized office of financial education.

Susanne attributes most of her current success to life’s “curve balls” in her journey to college completion. While her parents did not attend college, they instilled in her a strong work ethic, pride, integrity, love, and perseverance.  Despite the difficulties that may arise in navigating through that journey, with a clear goal in sight, anything can be accomplished.