Ensuring Success to College Graduation

The college affordability process does not end once you step onto a college campus – and neither will uAspire’s support!

At uAspire we are committed to working with you to help you overcome any financial obstacles that might get in the way of your degree. Whether you need to meet one-on-one with a uAspire College Affordability Advisor to renew your FAFSA/Dream Act (remember, that must be done every year!), discuss changes to your financial aid award, understand how to better manage school and work commitments, or even learn how to find inexpensive textbooks, uAspire can help.

As we have ramped up in the Bay Area, we offer postsecondary support to college students whom we worked with as high school seniors or other college students who are already served by our partner organizations. Over time, we intend to expand our services to more college students across the Bay Area.

If you are a student seeking assistance, please contact 415-366-5864 to reach a College Affordability Advisor.