Raliyo Abdullahi

DESE College Affordability Advisor

Raliyo is a project-based college affordability advisor that works with the DESE team. Within the DESE project she helps students from different districts in Massachusetts with completing their FAFSA. Additionally, Raliyo answers help desk questions pertaining to FAFSA. Prior to uAspire, she received her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Bridgewater State University. During her time in college, she held many positions that prepared her to take on this role. She was a case manager at FamilyAid Boston, a nonprofit that assists unhoused families in the Greater Boston area find a place to call home. She also served as a resident assistant at Bridgewater State Univeristy where she provided academic support and ensured the safety and security of students.

Why uAspire?

I chose uAspire because I believe that every student should be aware of the resources available to them that assist in making college affordable. I hope to help students better understand the financial aid process by guiding them in overcoming any financial obstacles that may come their way.