Nico Amaro
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Nico Amaro

Finance & Operations Manager

In his role as Finance & Operations Manager, Nico is responsible for day to day management of uAspire's finance and operations systems including: information technology, facilities management, general operations, human resources, and finance. Nico has a background in education policy research including projects for the Department of Education in Puerto Rico, Boston Public Schools, and the Washington, DC State Board of Education. He taught middle school for three years at KIPP DC and served as the Operations Manager at SCS Noonan Scholars prior to starting at uAspire. He holds a BA in Government from Harvard and a Masters in Education Policy from American University.

Why uAspire?

The opportunity and achievement gap contribute directly to the levels of inequality we see across our nation's communities. I have a passion for and commitment to closing these gaps and working towards a more equitable world. Additionally, I find being of service incredibly important and rewarding. Working at a mission driven organization like uAspire, and specifically in Finance & Operations, allows me to be of service in both the big and small picture. Ensuring that every student has access to an affordable path to and through college is such important work and supporting uAspire staff in making this possible is what drives my work.