Melissa Joseph

College Affordability Advisor

Melissa Joseph is a College Affordability Advisors who provides tools and knowledge of the financial process regardless of a student's surroundings or status. Prior to joining uAspire, Melissa was a Youth Minister at her local church where she advised high school students and a Performing Arts Intern at Atlanta International School where she taught and handled administrative duties. Melissa joins uAspire from Atlanta, GA where she received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Vocal Performance from Georgia State University.

Why uAspire?

Why uAspire: Coming from immigrant parents, I always knew college was in my trajectory. It wasn't until I became a senior in high school that I realized how expensive college really is and, furthermore, how confusing the financial aid process is. I was fortunate enough that I had my family to help along the way, but I know that's not the case for every single student. As a first-generation American and college graduate, I want to stand in the gap and help students find financial aid so they, too, can have countless opportunities afforded to them in life because they have a college degree.