Marcel Walls
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Marcel Walls

College Affordability Advisor

As a Project Based College Affordability Advisor at uAspire, Marcel helps students in the Boston area navigate and complete their FAFSA with the Department or Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Marcel focuses on assisting students in making informed financial decisions regarding college affordability. Prior to his position at uAspire, Marcel worked as an Editorial Assistant/Head of Publicity at CLASH Books in Troy, NY. He's also engaged in outreach services in his local community, with a focus on combatting food insecurity. Marcel received his Bachelors degree in English with a Minor in Writing in May, 2021.

Why uAspire?

I'm thrilled to be apart of the uAspire team because of the level of care and passion that inspires the work we do. There's a great opportunity to engage in direct one-on-one services, while also being actively involved in policy change.