Jermaine Myrie
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Jermaine Myrie

Chief External Affairs Officer

Jermaine joined uAspire in January 2017 as the Vice President of Business Development charged with developing and managing the overall earned revenue strategic priorities for the organization. He was promoted in 2018 to Senior Vice President of Development, responsible for all earned revenue and institutional relations across the organization. In early 2019, he was named Chief External Affairs Officer.

Prior to joining uAspire, Jermaine spent a number of years in corporate roles. He served in various sales and business development roles at Aetna Student Health where he focused on business development, consulting, and account acquisition within the academic space to drive new business sales growth with colleges/universities for Student Medical products, including ancillary products. He has also held other key growth positions at Johnson Controls and Xerox Corporation. He began his career in education as a classroom teacher and consultant.

Jermaine holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology from Morehouse College and a M.A.T in Middle and Secondary Education from Simmons College.

Why uAspire?

There are a number of obstacles young people often face in accessing and achieving the goal of a college education. While the achievement gap has been well documented, the economic gap (lack of resources as well as financially literacy) is equally as important. uAspire, in my estimation, is actively working to level the playing field for those young people and families that have historically been priced out of the education marketplace. I am excited to be at an organization that supports real students, real families, in navigating the financial aid process and thus empowering them to enter and succeed in post-secondary institutions.