Claire Dennison
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Claire Dennison

Senior Vice President, Programs and Performance

Claire Dennison is the Senior Vice President, Programs and Performance at uAspire. In her role, she oversees the programmatic quality and delivery of our direct service and Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) impact models, which are implemented in the Bay Area, MA, and in the case of T&TA, across the country. By working closely with her various teams, she stays focused on the programmatic health, growth, and day-to-day strategic decisions within these two models.

Since joining uAspire in 2009, Claire has played leading roles in developing, managing, and scaling our existing programming. Additionally, Claire has been integral in partnerships with the College Board, National College Access Network, and America’s Promise, authoring “Dollars for College,” a financial planning toolkit, in collaboration with them. Claire is committed to continuing to provide the highest quality programming to students and families across our entire network, and is focused on assuring our program experience and expertise from 30+ years of in-person direct service work is strongly linked to our other models (Training and Technical Assistance, virtual advising, and policy).

Prior to joining uAspire, Claire worked in a Boston public high school, as a Peace Corps volunteer (Lesotho), and in undergraduate admissions at Tufts University. She earned her BA in elementary education and communications at Boston College and her Ed. M. in risk and prevention at Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Why uAspire?

My experiences - helping underrepresented students gain access to/achieve success in education - have proven that access to financial information and finances themselves are a huge barrier to these things. I chose to work at uAspire because I believe we have the right mission, and I believe these things should no longer be barriers to student success. It also really helps to work with such dynamic and committed colleagues!