Britt Bass
San Francisco Bay Area
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Britt Bass

Senior Director of Advising Partnerships

As the Senior Director of Advising Partnerships, Britt Bass supports the advising teams as well as uAspire’s portfolio of school, college, community, and district partner relationships. Britt serves as the main point of contact across regions, communicating regularly with internal and external stakeholders to understand and support the needs of partnerships and how they are progressing, to ensure maximum student impact. Previously at uAspire, Britt oversaw the Massachusetts and Bay high school advising programs as a Program Director, directing the Afford Advisors and oversight of the Afford in-person advising and virtual programs, and served as the My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper Project Manager. Prior to joining uAspire, Britt was at City Year Los Angeles in a variety of roles, from AmeriCorps Member to Senior Program Manager. Britt attended Morehead State University where they majored in marketing and was also a scholarship student-athlete.

Why uAspire?

I strongly believe that your area code and income shouldn’t dictate your access to an education. People of any age, race, and background deserve access to a high quality education and uAspire works directly to assist students every step of the way, ensuring they find affordable options. I have dedicated my career to a life of service to others – especially those whose voices often go unheard and underrepresented. I am very privileged and blessed to have such a supportive family and loved ones throughout anything I wanted to achieve in life. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work at uAspire and to be able to harness everything I have learned to impact others and the communities we serve.