Ali Caccavella
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Ali Caccavella

Vice President of Policy and Systems Change

Ali Caccavella serves as our Vice President of Policy and Systems Change, advancing simplicity, transparency and equity in financial aid policy at the institutional, regional and national levels. Ali drives uAspire's policy position from student-centered strategies that leverage front-line expertise with students' lived-experience to improve college affordability systems. With a focus on national institutions and federal policy, she supports uAspire’s advocacy, thought-leadership and field building initiatives to advance more degrees with less debt for students from low-income backgrounds. Previously at uAspire, Ali served as the director of training and partnerships to launch the national Training and Technical Assistance department. 

Before joining uAspire, Ali worked for 15 years across community-based organizations and public schools as a teacher, advisor and program manager focused on student success in school and in life. Ali earned both a BA in urban studies and an MS Ed. in secondary education from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of uAspire, Ali enjoys making and consuming various art forms and spending time with her family in Philadelphia.

Why uAspire?

With a deeply rooted passion for justice and equality, my decade-long career is driven by the recognition that education is the equalizer that makes our country great and our democracy possible. When, in the 21st century a college degree can readily bring a person (and future generations) out of crippling poverty and into the realm of creative human potential, we as a nation must address the issue of college affordability head-on. uAspire answers this call, and offers both the direct expertise in college affordability I have been searching for as a practitioner, as well as the potential for systemic policy change I long for as a citizen. I am honored to be part of the ground-breaking work that uAspire is doing to bring best practice and awareness of college affordability to many more schools, students and families across the country.