Aiden Nguyen
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Aiden Nguyen

College Affordability Advisor

Aiden is a College Affordability Advisor with the Succeed Program. In this role, he helps postsecondary students navigate the financial aid process through in-person meetings and texting. Prior to working at uAspire, Aiden was a teacher and mentor to high school students at Ivycation, a college preparatory institute in Vietnam. There, he taught SAT, ACT, leadership, and project management and assisted students with the college research, application, and adjustment process. In addition, Aiden is an ardent LGBTQ activist who founded and currently serves as Creative Director for the Queer Vietnamese Film Festival and Vănguard.

Why uAspire?

As an immigrant from Vietnam, I am instilled with the belief that resiliency and education can pave a pathway out of poverty. Through my family's sacrifices, I became the first person in my family to graduate college. I am deeply grateful for the many opportunities in my life and I am excited to work alongside the committed team at uAspire to make these opportunities possible for other students just like me.